🌊Token Flow

The above chart shows how the protocol generates revenue, the utility of $WARS, and how it may be deflationary. The chart also shows and how DEGEN WAR$ controls inflation.

Past experiences in the space have taught us that unsustainable inflation will backfire sooner than later and that web3 experiments should try to earn revenue and / or burn tokens to counteract inflation.

The most important aspects of our design is providing use cases for $WARS, i.e. removing the token from supply by burning it when buying a booster.

Further, DEGEN WAR$ earns revenue from collecting a fee on the wining pot in ETH, a royalty on trading fees and renting market.

$WARS inflation will initially be controlled by the protocol and ultimately controlled by the DAO. The team will also fund tournaments with $WARS as a winning pot or by issuing additional tokens to top players on the platform.

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