Round: A series in which each of the two players plays a card against the other

Blind: The amount at stake for a game. The blind is supplied in equal part by the two players

Game: A complete set of rounds, beginning with each player possessing all of his or her cards and ending with one player having won all the other players' cards

Property: Each card possesses six properties: Liquidity, Degeneracy, Influence, Shitposter, Tech, and Alpha. Each property has a number between 0 and 100 which corresponds to the strength of the property

Play Card: The basic card needed to play the game. Each Play Card features an influential crypto personality.

Master Card: A unique play card only claimable by the actual in-game character on the card

Arena: Determine the venue where games are hosted

Category: Each in-game personality will belong to one of five categories: Chads, Degens, Apes, Bears, and Builders

Shuffle: The action that begins each game and puts the players' cards in random order

Fees: Crypto paid into the protocol out of the winning player's blind

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