Endurance Factor

Endurance is the most important attribute in the game. Every time you play a specific property of a card, this property decreases in strength. This decrease in strength depends on the edition of your card. Endurance factor per card edition:

  • Metal edition: 80 I -20%

  • Bronze edition: 85 I -15%

  • Silver edition: 90 I -10%

  • Gold edition: 93 I -7%

  • Platinum edition: 95 I -5%

  • Diamond edition: 98 I -2%

The endurance factor indicates how much your properties decrease in strength after you have played them. The endurance factor is always considered as %, and this is how the strength decrease is calculated: Strength decrease % = (100 - "endurance factor") Example

Card: Gold Edition (endurance factor: 93) Property: Liquidity Property strength (Liquidity): 86 If I want to play the liquidity property of my card now, I will attack the opponent with a liquidity strength of 86. If after some moves, the same card appears again, and I want to attack with liquidity again, my liquidity strength is (86 - (100-93 (%))) = (86 - 7%) = 80 This might sound a bit complicated in the first place, but once you are in a game the strength decrease is always automatically shown. Important to note

  1. The decrease in strength only applies to the attacking card and not the defending card. So, just the player that calls out the property will end up with a decrease in strength.

  2. The decrease in strength will only apply to the called out property, and not to all the properties of a card.

  3. The decrease in strength will only remain for a single game's duration. Once you play a new game, all your cards' properties will be set to full power.

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