🎲The Game

Once a player enters a game, he or she has to hit "shuffle." After shuffling, a player can only see the card at the top of his or her deck. A player is selected at random to go first, beginning the game:

  1. Player 1 attacks and calls out a property of the visible card (e.g. 'Liquidity - 80')

  2. The other player plays defence and sees if he or she can beat this stat (highest number wins) with the visible card in his or her deck. This is the time for a booster to gain advantage over your opponent. Between the two cards in play, the one with the highest value for the selected property wins the round, and the winner of the round adds the opponent's card to his or her deck

  3. The winner of the round chooses the property for the next round and plays the subsequent card in his or her deck.

  4. The first player to get all of the opponent’s cards wins the game.

  5. Within the game, each player can use boosters at any given time by burning $WARS.

Note: the winner of each round only wins the opponent’s cards during the game, and does not keep the cards afterwards. After a game is played, each players’ cards will be returned to the player who possessed the card at the beginning of the game, and the winner will be able to claim his or her prize money.

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