🏟️Arena Cards

Arenas are the virtual battlegrounds or venues in the DEGEN WAR$ game where players compete against each other using their play cards. Each arena provides specific advantages and disadvantages to different categories of play cards, creating a strategic layer to the gameplay.

Arenas act as modifiers that boost or diminish the strength of certain cards during a match. For instance, the X.com arena provides a 10% boost to the Degens category of play cards while simultaneously disadvantaging the Builders category by 10%.

Below are all arenas and the category each boosts (+10%):

  • X.com arena - Degens

  • McDonalds arena - Bears

  • Binance HQ - Apes

  • SEC arena - Chads

  • Ethereum Foundation arena - Builders

Below are all arenas and the category each disadvantages (-10%):

  • X.com arena - Builders

  • McDonalds arena - Apes

  • Binance HQ - Chads

  • SEC arena - Degens

  • Ethereum Foundation arena - Bears

Arena cards cannot be traded and will be issued as SBTs (Soulbound Tokens).

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