Q: What is DEGEN WAR$? A: DEGEN WAR$ is a one-on-one NFT-based digital card game. The goal is to beat your opponent by trumping his or her cards with your cards. DEGEN WAR$ is inspired by traditional card games and features simple gameplay that occurs entirely on-chain. DEGEN WAR$ uses cards that everyone in crypto can relate to and features degen tokenomics without omega inflation. It's a game for degens by degens.

Q: How many characters exist? A: There are 200 characters consisting of top crypto influencers and personalities. Find the full list here.

Q: How many NFTs in total exist? A: The initial supply is 10,000.

Q: What is the mint price and date? A: Mint date is not public yet, but we are designing a fair launch to enable everyone to join the battle. To participate in the initial mint users can stake $WARS tokens to join a lottery or participate in our airdrop.

Q : Will there be a token? A: Yes, there will be an official DEGEN WAR$ token. We have not announced distribution yet.

Q: Does the token already exist? A: The token does not yet exist, so be aware of scammers. Make sure to follow our official channels like Twitter | Medium | Discord to get any kind of announcement!

Q: What is a play card? A: Play cards are the cards that are required to play a game. Play cards consist of different crypto personalities that share the same properties, yet with the different strengths for each property. Every in-game character will have 50 cards of him/herself across five editions.

Q: What are arenas? A: Arenas determine the venue where games are hosted. Arenas boost certain properties of play cards and disadvantage others. - For more information see here.

Q: What are the Master Cards? A: A Master cards is a special type of card that cannot be used within the game, they are solely claimable by the actual in-game characters after successfully verifying their identity with premint.xyz. More information here.

Q: What is the endurance factor? A: The endurance represents the stamina of your play card. The endurance factor of a play card applies each time the card is used in a game reducing the power of your property, the endurance factor indicates how much energy your properties retains. The higher the endurance factor, the more of an advantage you have over your opponent. More information here.

Q: What is a blind? A: A blind determines the prize money that both players must supply in order to play a game. The blinds from both players create the prize pot. From start, we will begin with only 4 different blinds: Blind 1 = 0.01 ETH ; Blind 2 = 0.05 ETH ; Blind 3 = 0.1 ETH ; Blind 4 = 1 ETH. You can only play with someone that chose the same blind as you. For more information visit this page.

Q: Is this a web or an app game? A: DEGEN WAR$ is designed to be played on the web, ideally on a laptop or desktop. DEGEN WAR$ can also be played on a phone, provided the phone has the necessary applications to interact with the blockchain, e.g. MetaMask mobile.

Q: Which chain is DEGEN WAR$ launched on? A: The mint and the gameplay will occur on Blast.

Q: Is the game completely on-chain? A: Yes, the entire game play will be fully on-chain.

Q: Can everyone play the game? A: Yes, the only requirement is that you have a deck of at least 5 play cards either by owning them or renting them. Q: Is the game gamable / manipulatable? A: In theory the trump game is gameable by remembering the sequence of how cards that have won a round and the card that your opponent lost are put back to the bottom of your deck. To mitigate that, every deck gets randomly shuffled after each round to not establish a fixed sequence. This prevents people to run exploitable bots that remembers the sequence. Transactions are on-chain, transparent and consequently safe. Additionally, endurance factor, arena effect and boosters add strategic elemtns to the game making your next move unpredictable.

Q: How can I get involved? A: Start by joining our Discord and being an active and valuable community member. We plan to hire for key roles for the protocol from the community.

Q: I need help, what can I do? A: Head over to our Discord #support channel.

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