DEGEN WAR$ is a one-on-one, fully on-chain NFT-based card game that lets two opponents fight against each other. The goal is to beat your opponent by trumping his or her cards with your own. DEGEN WAR$ combines the ease of a card game with the competitive incentives of a strategic battle to create a fun, strategic, yet simple game.

The simplest way to think of DEGEN WAR$ is to visualize the one-on-one card game, "war," wherein two players each take turns playing a card, and for each round, the player with the higher ranking card wins. DEGEN WAR$ introduces economic incentives to win and own the game resources, and each card has multiple elements that can each determine the winner, rather than a simple higher or lower overall rank.

Gamers, investors, collectors and community members, regardless of their budget, can gain exposure to this digital NFT card game and its collectibles through exciting and liquid game structures.

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